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Hi, Bao and Linh here! We are married and have three kids. As first-generation immigrants, we didn’t grow up with much money and didn’t know anything about real estate investing. We also didn’t realize passive income or the concept of “making money while you sleep” existed.

That all changed when we invested in single-family rentals and fixed and flipped houses. The cash flow generated through rentals was great, but being a landlord became a hassle. We were on call and constantly dealing with never-ending tenant issues. We were on the right path, but how do we scale our cash flow without increasing our efforts?

That’s when we discovered the power of real estate syndications (group investments).

As passive investors in these real estate syndications, you pool your money with other investors to purchase an apartment complex. You can leverage experienced operators to manage your property while you sit back, relax, and create more wealth through passive income. It is that simple!

The passive income generated is a game-changer and has made such an impact on us and our family. So, we cofounded Wealthstream Investments to help you learn about passive income and build wealth through real estate investing in the most passive way possible.

We pre-vet and curate real estate investment opportunities for our investors, providing the opportunity to invest alongside us and move a step closer to building wealth while also making an impact.

Through each investment, we have the opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of families and whole communities. Each syndication we invest in creates a cleaner, safer, and better place to live and positively impacts the community and the environment.




Hear from our clients…

"When I decided I wanted to get into real estate investments, I went through months of self-educating myself on how to do it but, even after all that, I was still hesitant to take that first step. As luck would have it, that’s when I met Bao and Linh! Instantly, I saw the passion they had to help others build family wealth and the knowledge they shared with me gave me the confidence to get into my very first multi-family syndication! I highly recommend reaching out to Bao and Linh if you’re where I was and want to get into real estate investments but not exactly sure how to do it. They’re easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, successful real estate background, has an extensive real estate network, and just plain good-hearted folks that want to help others reach their financial goals."

-Chris L., Investor

Hear from our clients…

"As a new investor with little to no experience with multifamily real estate, I was fortunate to have Wealthstream Investments guide me with their expertise and knowledge through my first multifamily investment. They are always ready to answer my questions, made me feel comfortable, and engaged throughout the whole process. They have the knowledge, passion, and dedication to passive income investment. I am looking forward to continuing to learn and invest with them."

-Jennifer Y., Investor

Hear from our clients…

"Working with Linh and Bao has been a pleasure. Investing is not easy when you have to risk your hard-earned savings to chase uncertain returns. It is so nice to have people you can trust in your corner, with Linh and Bao I have nothing but confidence. Not only are they professionals with expert knowledge, but their years of experience with real estate investing have also helped them to understand and watch out for the associated risks and pitfalls. My first investment I was nervous to take the leap but with their guidance they made me feel very prepared. I’m so glad that I got started on my path to building wealth with Linh and Bao."

-Andrew Y., Investor

Hear from our clients…

“Working with Bao is such a pleasure. He goes out of his way to do not what is best for him, but what is best for others. He is a master connector and takes the time to create beneficial relationships within his network. I look forward to working with Bao in the near future.”

-Amy S., Partner

Hear from our clients…

"I have known Bao since I got actively involved with multifamily syndication and investing. Bao is a great connector, and uses his network to help people solve problems. Bao is incredibly trustworthy, resourceful, and always willing to help no matter what the topic. With his wide experience in real estate, Bao shines at critical topics such as market analyses and underwriting deals. I have found my interactions with Bao to be very rewarding, and have enjoyed the strategic thought process on any issue."

-Sanchayita R., Multifamily Investor and Sponsor

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